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Maintaining patient safety with new surgical and invasive methods

11 Our mandate

The Norwegian Healthcare Investigation Board (NHIB) is an independent government agency with the mandate of investigating serious adverse events and other serious concerns concerning patient and user safety within the Norwegian health and social care services.

NHIB must improve patient and user safety in the health and social care services through investigations of serious adverse events  or other serious concerns.

NHIB does not assess civil or criminal liability or culpability.

NHIB itself decides which serious adverse events or circumstances to investigate, the timing and scope of the investigations, and how this will be executed.

Investigations are conducted in dialogue with the parties involved, i.e. employees in the health and social care services, patients/users of health care services and their families.

Reports to NHIB are public, but do not include references to the names or addresses of individuals involved. In each individual investigation it is assessed whether reference may made to the location of the adverse event or the serious circumstances.

NHIB’s activities are regulated by Norwegian Act no. 56 of 16 June 2017 concerning the Norwegian Healthcare Investigation Board.

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